Opening Ceremony

The Malta Maritime Museum, Birgu

The Malta Maritime Museum at the Marina Grande helps visitors chart 7,000 years of history under one roof.  Housed within the Old Naval bakery, this museum showcases Malta’s maritime history and lore within a Mediterranean context. It also illustrates the global nature of seafaring and its impact on Malta’s society. It houses numerous artefacts highlighting the different epochs of Malta’s history that is inadvertently tied to the sea. The Museum aims at illustrating  the fascination of the sea within a Mediterranean context, without neglecting the overall global nature of seafaring.

These aims are achieved by the constant search for, identification, and acquisition of artefacts related to the museum’s mission. This task has been aided by the constant donations over these past years by the Maltese general public, foreign individuals, companies, corporate bodies, foreign maritime and naval museums, foreign navies, and Maltese and foreign ambassadors and high commissioners. Today, the museum houses a unique collection of over 20,000 artefacts belonging to Malta’s Maritime past.


Closing Ceremony

The Casino Maltese, Valletta

During the rule of the Knights of St John, the premises at 247 Republic Street were used as the 'Casa Del Commun Tesoro' (i.e. the House of the National Treasurer). Accounts, contracts and records of the Treasury were kept there.

During the early days of British rule, the premises housed the Chief Secretary's Office, Government Treasury and the British packet office. Samuel T. Coleridge, renowned poet and writer, worked on the premises for a short period at the beginning of the 19th Century.

In the late 1800s, the building was converted into ‘The Grand Hotel’ and at one point, what is now the Reading Room was the Salinos Cinema, the second cinema to open in Malta. However, since 1906 to date, the premises have been occupied by the Casino Maltese that modified the building for its use as a club. The Casino hosts numerous dignitaries and diplomats during their visits to Malta.


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