Meet the Team

Jeremy Mifsud - President

This is the second term in which I am forming part of the MaltMUN Executive team, elected as President of the Society, upgraded from Vice-President. I have seen the Society grow in the meagre two years that I have been in one way or another part of MaltMUN. The level of professionalism and meticulous planning, together with the expertise displayed in all aspects of the locally organised conference enticed me to use my knowledge and experience to expand the Society and conference to where it is supposed to be.

I have organised numerous projects as part of a number of student bodies, from which I have learned qualities that match perfectly with my role in this Executive. I know I can deliver to make this year an even more successful year for MaltMUN and ensure a strong foundation for the organisation's future years.

I look forward to making the MaltMUN name a household name associated with excellence as the previous Executives have striven to uphold. This year, for the first time since the Society's inception, an election for the largest ever Executive has taken place, which shows the substantial growth the Society has gone through, and which is the exact mindset I want this Executive to make its decisions by. I am honoured to form part of an Executive comprised of people of diverse ages and backgrounds, who I know that by the end of the term will become my second family.

Patrick Farrugia - Vice President

The year 2016 saw me taking part in my first ever MUN; I was nervous, apprehensive, and immensely overwhelmed by the level of professionalism of the other delegates and the standards of the conference itself. However, the lessons I learnt from those three fateful days were also the first stepping stones towards my candidacy submission for the MaltMUN Executive team in December 2016. Having resigned from the committee at the end of my final term as President at the end of 2018, I found myself once again contesting for a role for the upcoming term for 2019/2020.

Throughout my years forming part of the MaltMUN Executive, I have been impressed time and time again by our many participants' commendable oratory skills, by their confidence in delivery, and most importantly, their growing affection for the very idea of MUNs. The skills which MaltMUN aims to deliver to aspiring young adults are priceless, as the future of our nations will one day lie within their hands, and ensuring that they are adequately prepared to handle mature dialogue and negotiation is the cornerstone of what the MaltMUN Society stands for.

I am as excited as I was during my first term, back in 2017, to see the Society continue to grow and to further its prospects in 'Fostering Excellence' among students and young adults. My greatest aim is to now ensure that my previous experience serving on the Executive team will serve as a strong foothold for the many new, fresh faces on the team. Here's to 2020.

Luana Farrugia - Society Secretary General

I first participated in an MUN conference during MaltMUN's 2018 edition, and I have been hooked ever since. Although relatively new to the MUN world, my passion for politics, human rights and international relations pushed me to chair DISEC during MaltMUN's 2019 conference, Ego vs Leadership: Restoring the Balance.

Having formed lasting friendships, gained insightful knowledge and acquired some of the most memorable experiences of my life, I wanted to take my commitment to MaltMUN a step further and join the Executive Board of the Society. I am beyond elated to be this year's Society Secretary General, and I look forward to help further the Society's success in its 6th Annual Conference in 2020.

The Society's aim of 'Fostering Excellence' and promoting a healthy debate culture is one I deeply resonate with, and believe to be crucial in today's global political climate. I believe that MaltMUN has the right tools to fulfill its goals, and together with this year's Executive Board it has the potential to grow stronger, both as a Society and as a Conference.

Julian Spiteri - Financial Officer

I was first exposed to MaltMUN through their conference last September, Ego vs. Leadership: Restoring the Balance, where I was able to see first hand the fruits of a well-organised and disciplined Executive team. Due to my immense enjoyment of the conference, I was extremely glad to be invited to be a candidate for the Society’s first election, where I was selected as one of eleven members of the Executive.

My past experience, notably my academic background, internships and involvement in other organisations, has provided me with a diverse skill set. This will allow me not only to effectively manage my role as Financial Officer, but also integrate with other aspects of the running of the organisation where needed.

I recognise that this organisation has an overwhelming amount of potential, and I am eager to see the Society grow in the coming months and years. I am confident that the diverse background of the team, as well as an impressive work ethic, are both assurances of an optimistic future for MaltMUN, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to contribute.

Matthew Micallef St John - Conference Manager

I entered the world of MUNs back in 2016, when I foolishly thought that I could handle being a delegate at Harvard WorldMUN. While the MUN itself was quite terrifying, it created a love for MUNs within me. Since then, I have been involved in MaltMUN every year in some capacity. I fell in love with the concept of MUNs and all the benefits that come out of participating in these simulations: skill-building, learning and of course, networking. Therefore, I am honoured and privileged to form part of this amazing team and more importantly, this prestigious society.

I have been organising and taking part in model simulations since 2015, having been an Assistant Co-ordinator in the 2017-18 NSTF Mini European Assembly, as well as one of the founding members of the Model European Parliament Malta (MEP Malta) team and a member of the international iMEP Presidency in 2019. I would like to take what I learnt from all these experiences and use that knowledge to improve, advance and produce the best MaltMUN conference possible. Together with the rest of the Executive Board, I wish to see MaltMUN at its fullest potential.

I look forward to this year working alongside the team, getting to know them and creating a family with the aim of continuing to 'Foster Excellence'. We truly embody the aims of MaltMUN and MUNs in general, and I am sure we will continue the legacy of previous Executives of this one-of-a-kind Society.

Matthias Azzopardi - Deputy Conference Manager

Even though this has been my first year in the world of MUNs, it has been quite eventful. The MaltMUN 2019 conference Ego vs Leadership: Restoring the Balance was my first MUN experience, and since then I have fallen in love with such events, particularly those hosted by MaltMUN. What I witnessed throughout the conference was a group of dedicated people with one aim: to create an unforgettable experience, and on this they duly delivered. It is as such no surprise that I have since been hooked towards the ever-growing society of MUNs.

Having partaken in both past work experiences and Organisation sub-committees that focused primarily on event organisation and management, I believe that I am very well suited for the role of Deputy Conference Manager. My experience in such event organisation, matched with my work ethic and drive, will bring numerous advantages to this term’s Executive team.

I am extremely honoured and humbled to be part of such a talented team, and throughout the term will work on delivering an outstanding conference that reflects the standards set by previous years of hard work, whilst furthermore continuing to 'Foster Excellence'.

Emma Mifsud - Public Relations Officer

My first MaltMUN experience was at the 2019 MaltMUN conference, Ego vs Leadership: Restoring the Balance. I was hesitant to say the least. Leading up to the conference, I felt overwhelmed as I did not know what to expect, and felt a sense of intimidation as I had never taken part in something similar.

What I met, contrary to what I expected, was a welcoming new family. Ever since, I fell in love with the Society and made it my goal to become as involved as I possibly could be.

Given my past experience in Public Relations, I have developed an appreciation for the role and therefore feel confident that I can help MaltMUN grow in every way I believe it can. I am truly honoured to have been given this opportunity and excited to work with my fellow colleagues in what I am certain will be an incredibly successful year.

Kelly Cini - International Officer

Having taken part in MaltMUN 2019 as a delegate, I was instantly impressed by the quality of the conference and the level of professionalism and attention to detail displayed throughout. Presented with this level of excellence, I knew that I wanted to take an active role in this Society and to work with like-minded peers in ensuring that it reaches its full potential.

As a law student with a keen interest in international affairs, MaltMUN offered me the unique opportunity to engage in well-researched debate while improving my critical thinking in an environment which looks to foster constructive criticism and tolerance of diversity of thought. These are all very close to my heart and I am honoured that as International Officer, I will be in a position where I can help the Society bring these skills to an ever wider and more diverse group of people.

I am grateful to the members who have worked so hard to earn MaltMUN such a stellar reputation, and while aware that we have some very big shoes to fill, I look forward to working with the rest of this very talented team so that we can follow in their footsteps.

Matthew Mifsud - Events Officer

After taking part in my first MUN as a delegate last September, which was an extreme success, and after being approached by members of the Society to join the Executive team of MaltMUN, I decided to contest the Society’s first ever election for the Executive Board.

Initially, I was hesitant due to the fact that I have a number of commitments in my personal life already, and adding another one was always going to be a difficult job. However, after seeing the professionalism and the drive this Society has in 'Fostering Excellence', I came to a realisation that I could not refuse to contest the election. Luckily, I was elected and now I form part of a team which I look forward to work with in my capacity as Events Officer.

The Society is young, which makes me eagerly look forward to continue growing the Society together with the other Executive members who are extremely strong-willed, hard working and full of enthusiasm. I feel that the year ahead will be a year full of success for the Society, which will experience growth in recognition, both locally and internationally.

Clare Camenzuli - IT Officer

I have been a part of the MaltMUN Executive Board for the past 2 years as International Officer and Conference Manager respectively and am honoured to have been elected for what is now my consecutive third term. What started as a challenging step into the unknown has become an integral part of my life, both on a professional and a personal level. I have come to consider MaltMUN as my extended family and have watched the Society grow with pride whilst continuing to uphold its values and its motto of 'Fostering Excellence'.

Given my technical background in both engineering and ICT, this year I have decided to apply for the position of IT Officer. I believe that the Society is now at a pivotal point where it has the tools necessary to broaden its future horizons. I wish to assist the Executive Board in furthering MaltMUN's goals and visions, whilst offering my guidance and assistance to the new members of the Board so as to ensure that the transition and the continuation of the work done by previous Executive Boards occurs smoothly.

I am truly honoured to work with such a talented group of people who do their best to emulate the values that they believe in. At the end of the day, MaltMUN is about bringing people together at the negotiation table to come to a common agreement, which is a goal that I truly believe in and wish to continue contributing towards.

Gian Peralta - Academic Officer

The MaltMUN 2019 conference Ego vs Leadership: Restoring the Balance was the first MaltMUN event I ever had the honour to participate in and I was instantly smitten with the organisation. I have always had a passion for international affairs and I am now immensely blessed to be working with a group of similarly-minded individuals of great competence and ability in order to foster excellence in all spheres of the Model United Nations environment.

I have been involved in student organisations for a number of years and I am now very excited to bring everything that I have learnt over the past couple of years to my role as Academic Officer and serve MaltMUN to the best of my abilities.