Meet the Team

Emma Grech – President

I am a law student at the University of Malta, having completed my bachelor of laws degree in 2018, and currently reading for a Masters in Advocacy. As a firm believer in the importance of debate, coupled with a strong interest in international affairs, I have always sought experiences such as MUN which offer a platform to young people to make their voice heard.

I participated in the first edition of MaltMUN in 2015 as a delegate, and went on to participate in the MaltMUN 2016 conference. I also formed part of a MaltMUN delegation to Harvard World Model United Nations in 2016. My MUN experience further extends to chairing the ECOSOC Committee in the 2018 MaltMUN conference.

Having been an active student whilst completing my studies, I have served as Events Coordinator and Vice President of JEF Malta. I was also a founding member and member of the steering committee of the Malta University Debating Union. Prior to entering University, I represented Malta at the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship at Wake Forest University, North Carolina, a program organised by the US Department of State. My passions include international and European law and policy, music, reading and travel.

I am extremely proud to form part of this year’s executive board, together with a fantastic team, and honoured to build upon the legacy that past executives have established through their stellar work.

Jeremy Mifsud – Vice President

After participating in my first MaltMUN last September, I made it a point to form part of the next group organising the conference. This is my second experience within an executive team, might I add that it's the most exciting.

Being in this role is not one of hierarchy or seniority in any shape or form, but it being the role I held in my previous post I believe I have the experience and skills to help expand an organisation which such enormous potential.

I consider this appointment to be not only one of administration but pushing for the engagement of youth and improving the skills of the next generation of diplomats. I look forward to working with such a talented team and achieve all the goals we dream to achieve and present you with the best possible experience as participants and members!

Andrea Schwaiger – Secretary General

I have always been interested in current affairs, diplomacy, debating, and politics which is why I participated in my first MaltMUN conference in 2017, and have been hooked ever since.

Previously, in 2016, I was selected to represent Malta in the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute in the USA and it was a programme which helped me to truly understand the value of international partnerships, which is practically what the world of MUN is all about.

I believe that throughout my year as Secretary-General, working closely with all the members of MaltMUN, we will be able to foster excellence through our upcoming initiatives.

Katrin Busuttil – Financial Officer

As a third year law student, it comes at no surprise that I am intrigued in current events and debating. International relations, peacekeeping and diplomacy are some of the main topics that I am keen about, and that is in fact why the United Nations has always interested me because of its very work and purpose; to promote peace and diplomacy.

Youth activism is very close to my heart and throughout the years I have been active in various student organisations, where I always made sure to voice my concerns as a young student. My first experience was that of forming part of the Zabbar Youth Local Council as vice-Mayor and then later on as Mayor. Moreover, I had the privilege of serving as Zabbar’s Youth Local Ambassador promoting Vote 16; where I had the opportunity to lobby and voice my opinion on issues pertaining to youths, with particular importance to Vote 16. In 2016, I was pleased to accept a Certificate of Thanks awarded to me by the Zabbar Local Council for the work and dedication I gave to the community through my participation in the aforementioned posts. I also participated in Euroscola, where I was chosen to represent Malta and deliver a speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, an experience which I cherish to this day.

Although this is my first experience with a MUN, through my previous experience, I hope that I will contribute to put MaltMUN society at the forefront of leading organisations and make this year’s fifth edition of MaltMUN an outstanding one. I find myself truly honoured and pleased to be the Financial Officer of MaltMUN’s executive 2018/19.

Clare Camenzuli – Conference Manager

Anyone reading this post would naturally wonder why an engineer would be part of an Executive that mainly consists of law students. The answer to that question is quite straightforward: I love challenges. I chose the engineering profession for the simple reason that it offers a vast variety of career options that are hard to find elsewhere.

I applied for the position of Conference Manager because I have a very hands-on approach to situations, which is essential when dealing with management, deadlines and logistics matters. I believe that a mixture of abilities is essential to run a productive and efficient Executive, which is why I have again decided to form part of this year’s Executive, following last year's success.

I am truly honoured to work with such a talented group of people who do their best to emulate the values that they believe in. At the end of the day, MaltMUN is about bringing people together at the negotiation table and come to a common agreement, which is a goal that I truly believe in and want to contribute towards.

Jake Muscat – Logistics Officer

After my first MUN, which was the 2018 edition and of which I was only a delegate who took part in the debates, it was a bit of a surprise for me to find myself within the MUN executive.

Unlike the majority of people who apply, I do not study law at University nor have I any intention of making a career out of politics. I am studying Art History which may sound strange at first; why would a person studying to be an art historian be part of a society based mainly on political debating? To tell you the truth that is the question I asked myself before applying to be a delegate in the last MaltMUN. Even though it has little to do with my academic studies, I am a person who is interested in political affairs from around the world and enjoy debating about political topics.

This society is not made only for Law students but rather for anyone who enjoys debating around people with a diverse set of ideas. This thinking lead me to become a member of the MaltMUN 2019 executive as the Logistics and Events manager. I, along with my colleagues, will do my best so that this 5th MaltMUN edition will be one to remember.

Nicole Spiteri – IT and PR Officer

As an A-level student studying History and Art, I have had the opportunity to deeply interest myself in the political and cultural contexts of various countries globally.

My involvement as a MUN delegate for the first time in the 2018 edition of the MaltMUN conference was undoubtedly a new and unforgettable learning experience. Not only did it help me enrich my own debating and public speaking skills, but also further appreciate the enthralling career of a UN diplomat.

Admittedly, I lack the executive experience that most of my fellow colleagues have within the society. However, I find myself to be extremely honoured to form part of this year’s executive committee and I look forward to new experiences and challenges that lie ahead.