Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Model UN?

A MUN is a simulation of the workings of the real United Nations with its six General Assembly Committees, the Security Council, and the several agencies which form part of the UN family. Participating students, known as ‘delegates’, assume the role of an assigned UN member state in order to debate two current issues on the committee’s agenda.

The role of the Delegate

Delegates must assimilate the ideologies and policy goals of their adopted state, deliver speeches conveying these viewpoints and projected goals, form bloc alliances and draft resolution documents, pitch their proposals to adversaries and attempt to win them over, and generally resolve existing conflict. All of this must be done in accordance with the committee- specific rules of procedure and in the interests of mobilizing international cooperation.

Prior to the conference, delegates will usually carry out intensive research on their committee’s competences, the issue at large, the key players whose interests must be reckoned with, and finally, the needs, goals, and foreign policies of the country they will be representing. The depth of delegates’ researches into the geo-politics, economics, and history of the topics at hand in turn contributes to an authentic simulation of the way the international community acts on its immediate concerns.

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