Conference Awards

Best Delegate

Best Delegate at MaltMUN represents their country to a tee by being precise with that country’s current foreign policy and by demonstrating clear knowledge on the topic. Our Best Delegate is not just a walking encyclopedia but also a good communicator of ideas and has the necessary charisma to negotiate with others and to build consensus where there is none. S/he is one of the main idea contributors to the resolution and helps to drive the resolution-writing process forward by delegating tasks to bloc members and coordinating different approaches to best advantage for the resolution document. Finally, the Best Delegate works within the Rules of Procedure and is courteous to every person in the Committee, be they a fellow Delegate, the Committee Directors, or the Secretariat and venue personnel.

Distinguished Delegate

The Distinguished Delegate award at MaltMUN honours the Delegate who knows the ins and outs of their country and is able to argue both topics well from that position. S/he can form good rapport with other like-minded Delegates during formal as well as informal debate and put these connections to work when it comes to writing resolution documents. Our Distinguished Delegate can persuade others of the quality and applicability of their ideas but is also no stranger to brokering compromises if it will promote collaboration and productivity within the Committee.

Honourable Mention

Delegates may earn an Honourable Mention at MaltMUN by proving seminal at one point or another of the debate. Our Honourable Mention strives to find ways to reanimate or redirect debates that are going round in circles, and always injects energy into the Committee by pushing what his/her country’s policy will allow to the limit. This Delegate is confident enough with the topic material to point out new avenues of discussion and encourages others to explore these avenues in their resolution clauses in fun and memorable ways.

Best Position Paper

The Delegate with the Best Position Paper is able to summarize and present their country’s historical and current stance on a topic in just one page. This position paper draws out the causes and effects of the debated issue on their country or immediate region. The winning position paper is set apart from the rest by giving a brief, though incisive, indication of the solutions that the Delegate intends to present for consideration by the Committee.