Meet the Chairs

Security Council (UNSC)

Ms Clara Chetcuti

The Malta Model United Nations Society is as dear as a child to me, and it is for this reason that I am proud to be marking its sixth year of life at this anniversary edition of its international conference. Committee Chairs are uniquely located between Secretariat and Delegates, interfacing with powerhouses of organisational energy on the one hand, and on the other, with young stalwarts of ‘the Stuff that matters’.

So, it is with pure pleasure that I will be chairing the United Nations Security Council’s discussions on the ‘Stuff’ of history: the political tensions in Venezuela and targeting corruption within power structures. Join me at MaltMUN 2019 and be inspired by the polemics, the alliances, and the solutions.

Mr Ignace Van Den Steene

As a passionate 21-year-old law student studying at the KU Leuven in Belgium, I first came in contact with MUN-ing at the beginning of last year when I joined the organization KU Leuven Model United Nations (KULMUN). From the very first training, through MUN conferences in Bonn, Leuven and Madrid, till my election to the executive board of the organization as fundraiser, KULMUN became my family and MUN-ing my passion.

Having been a delegate in all conferences so far attended, I am very excited to have the honour to chair my first Committee at MaltMUN 2019. While studying law, I developed a great interest in international law, where I particularly took great pleasure in learning the ins and outs of the bodies of the UN. The Security Council is the most important and most influential international body and I am looking forward to leading delegates in a constructive and exhilarating discussion to solve some of the most pressing issues the international community faces today. Join me and my fellow chair at MaltMUN 2019 and have the opportunity to partake in a real-world simulation of the UN-security council where the ‘political tensions in Venezuela’ and ‘the tackling of corruption in power structures’ will be on the agenda.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Mr Matt Micallef St John

I am a 22-year-old law student with a passion for international relations and travelling. Having participated in various simulations of the United Nations and other international and regional organisations as a delegate and as a chair, I enjoy meeting delegates who are willing to learn, cooperate and compromise with their peers in order to work towards a common goal.

This is the third time that I will be chairing at the MaltMUN conference and I am very excited to be chairing the UNHCR Committee, tackling pressing human rights issues very close to my heart. I look forward to meeting all the delegates taking part in this year's conference in September, especially those coming to Malta for the first time!

Ms Gabriella Mifsud

From participating in my first Model UN in 2017, to organising the 2018 Conference, my experiences of the annual MaltMUN conference were nothing but fantastic. As a law student with a passion for international affairs, diplomacy and all things UN-related, I love MaltMUN primarily for its purpose: to encourage and foster debate on topical issues in a learned environment.

MaltMUN is definitely a stepping stone towards realising our impact as future leaders in world politics and how we can bring about the change we desire. From previous experiences, MaltMUN allows you to go into debate with one view and emerge exposed to several others. It is for this reason that this year I sought to participate from a different perspective, that of Chair. I am very excited to lend my knowledge of international relations and international law to the Committee and gain a whole lot more of it in return.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Ms Laura Aquilina

My name is Laura Aquilina, I am a law student at the University of Malta who enjoys taking part in a MUN here and there. I have taken part in MaltMUN, OxIMUN and CUIMUN as a delegate. Last year, I chaired MaltMUN’s UNEP Committee alongside two other great chairs. I enjoyed it thoroughly and that is why I have chosen to do it once more!

I look forward to meeting my fellow chair, all delegates – especially those in my Committee – and everyone else involved in the conference. See you on the 13th of September!

Mr Federico Gómez Renneberg

My name is Federico Gómez, a student of the University of Groningen; born in Colombia and raised in Peru. I have always been an avid reader and a fan of research. I would call myself an audiophile, spending much of my time listening to music. About my personal interests: even though this is nowhere near my field of study, I am very interested in biology and economics.

My MUN experience started in school, competing in national competitions organised by other schools, including some school competitions organised by Ivy League Universities. Once I graduated, and before joining the team Peruvian Universities, with whom I travelled to WorldMUN 2019 and won the Diplomacy Award, I was the coach and Faculty Advisor of my school’s team. In total, I have participated for over three years in the wonderful and quite addictive world of Model UN and have had the opportunity of viewing it through the eyes of a delegate, an advisor and a chair.

Disarmament and International Security (DISEC)

Mr Christoph Schwaiger

Hi, I am Christoph Schwaiger! I currently work as a journalist in Malta. My main areas of interest are local politics and science news. When I am not working, I am usually involved in some kind of project with the NGO JCI Malta. I am currently its National President and we focus on creating business, social, and public speaking development opportunities for youths. I am also a member of the Civil Society Committee which falls under the remit of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development. In my free time I enjoy reading and watching movies or series.

This will be my fourth time chairing MaltMUN. The first time I applied to chair MaltMUN in 2016, I was expecting a new challenge and I wanted to meet other talented individuals. I found that I kept on applying year after year for the same reasons, with no regrets! In conclusion, I am looking forward to this year’s conference! If you’ve never done MUN before, I highly encourage you to give it a shot.

Ms Luana Farrugia

I am a law student, currently finishing up my Master of Advocacy at the University of Malta. Having participated in various moot courts, I'm no stranger to the thrills of public speaking and debate, and I am hugely looking forward to seeing what this year's delegates have to offer!

I first participated in a MUN conference during last year’s edition of MaltMUN, where I was awarded the Best Delegate award in Security Council. Although relatively new to the MUN world, my passion for politics, human rights and international relations have pushed me to apply to chair at this year’s edition of MaltMUN and be able to experience a different angle of the conference.

Economic and Financial Council (ECOFIN)

Mr Pedro Yeray Priegue Hernández

Welcome delegates! I am Pedro Yeray, and I am incredibly glad to be chairing this year's ECOFIN Committee for the 2019 edition of MaltMUN. As a student of Philosophy Politics and Economics in Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, I believe in communication and interdisciplinarity as key factors of the development not only of a great MUN Committee, but for common and international understanding in itself as well.

After taking part in many Model United Nations as a delegate, and chairing in internal simulations for my MUN Association UNYA-URL, I felt incredibly inspired to chair in a formal Model United Nations; so when I met part of this year's MaltMUN Secretariat at WorldMUN in Madrid, I felt it would be an amazing opportunity, not only as a chair, but as a personal experience. I look forward to meeting you all in September, in a place as beautiful as Malta, and have a surely enjoyable and profitable time, for which debate, dialogue and, all in all, diplomacy, will be core values.

Mr Kiril Lavrov

Hi everyone! My name is Kiril, and I grew up in the outskirts of the city of Moscow but have spent a considerable part of my life in Germany ever since. Right now, I hail from Mannheim, where I study Economics in my 5th semester. Here I have started my MUN journey in 2017 and am currently serving as Vice-President of our society. Model United Nations, much more than solely an academic exercise, has repeatedly allowed me to engage in cultural exchange and meet inspiring individuals. As an avid traveller who has visited over 55 countries throughout the last 20 years, each conference still never fails to surprise me with captivating new perspectives on our global world.

Malta's history, culture and language are a fascinating blend of influences brought from different corners of the planet, congregating on a small island in the Mediterranean. On a grand scale, there is no better embodiment of the spirit, that encompasses Model United Nations, than the country of Malta itself. I am thrilled that MaltMUN has brought MUN to this unique place and feel honoured to chair the Second Committee of the General Assembly in this year's edition. Super excited to meet you all in September – I am sure we will have an amazing time!